Maintenance Free: This is a maintenance free earthing, no need extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional earthing because it retains the moisture.

Consistency: Continuously maintains the same earth resistance value over time regardless of soil & climate condition. “EARTHELECTRO” earthing power solutions is less affected by adverse climate condition, unlike the standard copper plate/rod.

More Surface Area: The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface area peak current dissipation and also get stable reference point.


  • Highly reliable for safety of human life.
  • Ensures protection always to electronic/electrical equipment.
  • Wide range of product sizes to suit every earthing requirement.
  • Single product solution for almost all kind of earthing requirements.
  • High load carrying capacity and maximum fault current dissipation instantly.
  • Maintain low resistance value for a very long period having the bare minimum fluctuations.

Salient Features:

  • Dissipates lightning strikes.
  • Provides stable reference.
  • Discharge short circuit currents.
  • Protect personnel & sensitivity equipment.
  • Prevents damage from power and switching surges.