Product Description

Copper Bonded Electrode is considered to be the most apt equipment for earthing purpose owing to excellent resistance to oxidization. The main copper coated earthly electrode is saved by the copper bonding from corrosion and the crystalline mixture which is filled within the electrode.

Designed on the principle of Pipe-in-Pipe technology, we coat copper earth electrode using 100/250 micron of copper. With a crystalline mixture, the annular space between the inner conductor and the external conductor is filled. After that, it is sealed cautiously from both the ends. It has been used due to the anti-corrosive and extremely conductive nature of crystalline mixture. It also offers low impedance grounding that is necessary for protecting transmitting facilities as well as personnel from any kind of internal or external electrical inconsistencies.



  • Continuous electroplating processing
  • Values over the life of the product
  • Reduced installation area and time
  • Cost effective
  • No maintenance


  • Petrochemical, nuclear facilities
  • Data centers
  • Telecom
  • Process control and automation
  • Corrections, hospitals
  • Government
  • Substations and wind turbines