ESE Lightning Arrester

An ESE lightning rod with an Early Streamer Emission system has as a target anticipate it to the lightning strike, in order to protect all the rest of the area. The operating principle is the same as a simple rod, but an additional ionization system getting cover a greater protection radius.

Product Description

Creates an upward leader farther away thanks to the extra ionization of the ESE lightning rod, which is activated by the electromagnetic field produced by the storm. The ESE attracts the lightning to its tip, then the down-conductors conduct the current discharge to the grounding system keeping the entire installation protected.

This ionization, allows to the active protection, to have a greater protection radius. With this methodology we managed to cover not only the structure but also its surroundings or open areas

Length : 60 cm
Material : Stainless steel
Diameter of the ionic cell : 200 mm
Diameter of lightning conductor : 20 mm (monolith)
Trigger : Neomidium
Principle of operation : PDC / PDA (E.S.E)
Standard : NF C 17-102 (2011) latest version
ΔT = 60 μs
Rp (Radius protection) = 97 meter

ESE Lightning Arrester
ESE Lightning Arrester
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