Welcome to the Earthelectro

Our organization is fully devoted in providing the cost effective and permanent solution for all type of your earthing requirements. We would like to introduce ourselves as pioneer in Electrical Earthing Systems. We have a vast experience in Earthing; we are in this field since 2012. Our Company, EEPS Earthing Electrodes, has introduced Copper and GI Earthing Electrode & Back fill Compound. Our vast experience helped us to identify a suitable Earthing to meet the requirement of today’s advanced usage demand.

Our Earthing Electrode is available in different sizes of 6 Feet and 10 Feet along with Back Fill Compound which reduces the resistivity of Earth around the Electrode. We assured you for the required Ohmic value in normal conditions as well as with multiple installations in rocky areas. Our Earthing Electrodes & Back fill Compound have earned its reputation in the field of electrical, is being used as a protector of human life and safety for valuable equipment. Hence almost all users of our product are placing repeated orders and are proud to reveal their satisfaction to the fellow users.