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Welcome to the Earthelectro

Our organization is fully devoted in providing the cost effective and permanent solution for all type of your earthing requirements. We would like to introduce ourselves as pioneer in Electrical Earthing Systems. We have a vast experience in Earthing; we are in this field since 2012. Our Company, EEPS Earthing Electrodes, has introduced Copper and GI Earthing Electrode & Back fill Compound. Our vast experience helped us to identify a suitable Earthing to meet the requirement of today’s advanced usage demand.

Our Earthing Electrode is available in different sizes of 6 Feet and 10 Feet along with Back Fill Compound which reduces the resistivity of Earth around the Electrode. We assured you for the required Ohmic value in normal conditions as well as with multiple installations in rocky areas. Our Earthing Electrodes & Back fill Compound have earned its reputation in the field of electrical, is being used as a protector of human life and safety for valuable equipment. Hence almost all users of our product are placing repeated orders and are proud to reveal their satisfaction to the fellow users.

Advantage & Benefits

Maintenance Free:  This is a maintenance free earthing, no need extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional earthing because it retains the moisture.

Consistency: Continuously maintains the same earth resistance value over time regardless of soil & climate condition. “EARTHELECTRO” earthing power solutions is less affected by adverse climate condition, unlike the standard copper plate/rod.

More Surface Area: The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface area peak current dissipation and also get stable reference point.


Salient Features:

Vision & Mission

As one of the prominent manufacturers of Chemical Pipe Earthing (based on GI, Copper bonded & pure copper), Earth Pit Covers, Lightning Arrester, Back Fill Compound and all types of grounding systems; our main concern is to provide the best product to our customer at the most affordable price.
Our aim is to provide affordable and durable safety to our client’s life and property. Our non-corrosive and highly conductive earthing solutions offer protection at its best. With a rich industry experience, we aim to be the best in the sector.

We strive our best to provide ground strong services in the field of infrastructure and industrial development to become an epitome of reliable product delivery in the market. However, we always work keeping in mind the environmental safety measures
Our ultimate vision is to be on the paramount of earthing sector with a prime focus on delivering the best quality products to our clients. We strongly believe that good work can build long term business relationships and we really work hard for it. With a knack of providing our products to large scale and average households, we want to be the name for everything related to earthing solutions.

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