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Raiden is an ISO 9001, company with 5 Years experience in lightning protection systems
since 2015. The business has established a reputation for excellence and
professionalism over time by consistently striving to meet and even exceed
standards that foster long-term client relationships.
We are of the firm belief that access to electricity is essential to a high-quality life.
Products and services that harness and maximize its full potential and use will
always be required.
We will be the industry leader in providing high-quality electrical products and
services as a result.
Our ESE lightning Arrester and Counter has established a solid name in the
electrical industry and is used to safeguard expensive machinery and protect
human life.
As a result, practically all of our customers place additional orders and are
happy to tell other customers about their delight.
In reaction to and ahead of customer needs, our team consistently creates
inventive and affordable goods

What is the purpose of Lightning Protection?

Lightning causes thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in extensive damage to companies, homes, and electronic devices within India. As a result, business owners and even homes must comply with the legal demands for lightning protection to ensure the safety of their occupants.Our goal at Raiden Lightning Protection is to provide legal consultation,installation, and aftercare for lightning protection systems.




All additional components and objects can be anticipated by safe Early Stramer Emission (ESE) lightning terminals.By catching lightning strikes and directing them into the soil, it may defend itself within its range, which is determined by the radius of its protection level. through the most anticipated and secure routes.The Secure Early Streamer (ESE) Terminal generates ions through its own ION GENERATION channels to function.Its structure alone enables the terminal to safely transfer high-voltage lightning strikes, up to 200 KA, to the earth through the earthing system.


Material Stainless Steel 316
Weight 2.9kg
Ext. Diameter 180mm
Length (h) 58mm
Box Length 81mm
Rod Diameter 20mm
Adapter Diameter 60mm Male
IP Code IP 67
Working Temperature -25°C / 90°C
Type of Terminal Electroatmospheric
Grounding Metohd Wire/Tape
Max. Current Withstand 200kA
Max. Current Withstand 200kA
(10/350µs / >2.5 Mj Ω Advance Time 9∆t 62.8µs.

Delta (∆T) Advance time test, current with standing test, and test to determine "RAIDEN" protection level were all performed as part of testing and certification in accordance with NFC 17-102/2011 Early Streamer Emission Standard

  • Treatment with high-salt mist

  • Treatment with a sulphurous humid environment

  • Test of standing current: 200 kA, 910 / 350 us.

  • Test of the advance time delta (T).

  • Impulse emitter with high voltage


  • Completely independent

  • Validated by Raiden Testers

  • 30% more effective compared to passive systems

  • fully compliant with the requirements

  • Completely meeting the standards

  • Manufacturer's warranty for 20 years


NFC 17-102 (2011)

Mast Height
Level I
(Very High)
Level II
Level III
Level IV
2 31 35 39 43
3 47 52 58 63
4 63 69 78 85
5 79 86 97 107
6 79 87 97 107
8 79 88 98 108
10 79 89 99 109
15 80 89 101 111
20 80 89 102 113
45 80 89 105 119



The RAIDEN Digital Lightning Strike Counter (R-LSC-09) is a lightning counter of the all purpose variety. The R-LSC-09 which is attached to the lightning down conductor will begin counting whenever a lightning discharge current flows (from the lightning rod to the earth) through the down conductor. When lightning
strikes and discharge current passes through the system, the R-LSC-09’s induction (electromagnetic coupling) concept ensures accurate counting.

The Digital Lightning Strike Counter (R-LSC-09) is appropriate for both active and passive lightning rods. The built-in battery helps to restore the data and counts and does not require an external power source to function.
Digital Lightning Strike Counter (R-LSC-09) can be mounted on the down conductor (Insulated) of a lightning rod or the ground wire of a power Supply.Place the down conductor of the lightning rod (bare or insulated) between the two screw nuts by loosening the two screw nuts in the back, the spring washer, and the flat gasket. Then, replace the clamp and tighten the pressing plate.

The mounting plate and pressing plate must be properly spaced apart from the down conductor of the lightning rod. In order to reduce the contact resistance and ensure counting accuracy, the contact segment needs to be securely linked. Open the cover and change the battery inside if there is no display on the screen or if the screen is not clear.

Discrption Digital Lightning Strike Counter
Model LS-DLSC6
Current sensitivity 1500A (8/20 μS)
Current range 1.5 kA (8/20 μS to 100 kA (10/350 μS)
Display 6 Digits LCD counter
Dimension (L x W x H) 100 × 50 × 68 mm
Environment IP 67 (IEC 529)
Operating Temperature / Humidity 45º C˜ 85º/95%
  • Electrical Effects: Equipment Destruction When ground voltage surges and overvoltages occur, it is possible to damage all electrical equipment connected to the electrical network

  • Electrodynamic Effects: Damage to Building It is possible for the structure to be deformed or broken due to the force generated by the high magnetic field present.

  • Thermal Effects: Fires It is even possible for fires to begin due to sparks produced by the Joule effect and heat dissipation.

  • Effects on people and Animals: Electrocution and Burns It is enough to pass a current of a certain intensity through the body for a short time to cause a cardiac or respiratory arrest and burns.

  • Inductive Effects It is possible for irreversible damage to computers or other electronic equipment to occur if these conductors reach them.


Hotels & High Rise Buildings

These high-rise structures and buildings need to be ready for lightning surges and strike probabilities in order to safeguard occupants.

Nuclear Plants

Highest risk To avoid severe consequences to the environment and people, high safety standards and regulations must be followed at facilities like nuclear plants.

Gas & Petroleum Facilities

These facilities are more vulnerable to lightning surges and strikes due of the metal components in their structures.
After such a possibility, a lightning strike can be dangerous for the general public.

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