Advance Ground Enhance Compound Green

EEC compound is a specially formulated compound having high current conductive & rust Resistance property, Absorbing & retaining the moisture for long period. It reduces the Ohmic value of soil & helps in faster dissipation of fault current. EEC compound will be used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. EEC compound is to reduce resistance between electrodes and soil and to create a low resistance zone around the electrode to create a uniform environment so that the electrode output is constan

Product Description

Benefits of Back Fill Compound

  • Due to conductive material improve the soil resistivity.
  • It also increases the conductivity of Earth Electrode.
  • No maintenance.
  • Long Life.
  • Automatically rechargeable.
  • No Need to pouring water time to time.

Applications of Back Fill Compound

  • In Earthing Systems only
Advance Ground Enhance Compound Green
Advance Ground Enhance Compound Green
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