Earth Enhance Gel


  • Due to Conductive Material Improve
  • The Soil Resistivity
  • IT Also Increases the Conductivity of Earth Electrode
  • No Maintenance
  • Long Time
  • Automatically Rechargeable
  • No Need to Pouring Water Time to Time

Product Description

Earthelectro earth enhance gel provides the ability to substantially reduce soil resistivity in soil of the purest electrical Conductivity such as Rocky ground or sandy soils. Earthelectro earth enhance gel compromises specifically selected compounds which possess excellent conductivity.

When earth enhance gel is mixed with water and pod onto the earthing system and surrounding soil, the power and water react to form a galanties hygroscopic mass which forms and integral part of the system this effectively increases the surface area of the earth in system in contact with surrounding soil then will not wash away under seasonal conditions and therefore provides a permanent presence in working to improve and maintain the integrity of the earthing system. Earth enhance gel is supplied into 5ltr. container. It contains a copper compound copper sulphate kit holds a mix of compound which assist in the mixing process hardener.


  • Power stations substations transmission and communication lines
  • Mobile base stations telecom and radio towers radar stations data centres railway signalling equipment’s etc.
  • Petrochemical plants oil and gas facilities defence equipment’s etc
Earth Enhance Gel
Earth Enhance Gel
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